Puppy training

Puppy training classes are held on Saturday mornings, 10h00 to 11h00, at the Croft Veterinary Hospital in Great Brak. It is great fun, and necessary for your pup.

Puppy Socialising and Obedience Classes
For puppies 2 weeks after the first vaccination (usually 8 weeks old) up to about 5 months of age depending on the breed Saturday mornings at 10am at Croft Veterinary Hospital.
Late arrivals will not be accepted into the class as it is too disruptive for the other members

Please bring:
Your puppy on a collar and lead
A bakkie of soft treats e.g. vienna sausages or cheese cut up small
Date of last vaccination
A tug toy, old rag or sock is fine

In this class your puppy will learn to behave under different circumstances and also learn to concentrate on your commands with a lot of distraction around it. It will socialise with puppies of different breeds and learn the beginnings of home obedience – sit, lie down, come to you, fetch a toy and bring it back, walk on a lead, accept being handled by a vet, etc.

Puppy training is the most important training you can do. Unlike adult dogs coming into classes for the first time, the puppies usually start off problem free and are very receptive to learning.

Please bear in mind that your trainers will do all they can to help you train your puppy but if you do not put time and effort into your puppy during the week, you will not see any progress in his/her behaviour. Homework should be a minimum of 3 sessions of 5 minutes each per day. These sessions should be in addition to a short walk off your property and not instead of a walk.

Weather: If it looks as though it may rain, please phone Croft surgery (044 – 620 3133) and they will tell you if classes have been cancelled. I will not be able to answer my phone on Saturdays because of being in classes.

The class is approximately 50 minutes long depending on how many people are in it.

Puppy training is all about

Socializing puppies

Training people


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