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2021 September 26: Nose work competition: The Winner and Qualifiers

The Overall winner of the day:  Team Utopia  (Sue Mees with Toby).  Sue Mees is the trainer at Croft Canine Classes and once again proof that she is a great trainer and handler.  

Thanks to all who made the day a great success, the Judge, Caryn and Robbie for stewarding.  Thanks Janine for the lovely photos.

Thank you so much Montego for the sponsorship.


2021 July 24: Puppy Class


2021 June 12: Puppy Class


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2020 November: FUNNIES


2020 September 12: Puppy Class


Old ladies still love to play with their soft toys

Shade with her new Teddy.


Croft Canine Classes One Decade Old

The forming of a dog school in Greatbrak was prompted ten years ago by Linda Kirschner and Cathy de Lange because the school they had previously been attending closed.  They persuaded their trainer, Sue Mees, to start up in Greatbrak.

Dr Anndri Garrett of Croft Veterinary Hospital was excited about having a training facility attached to the veterinary practice and she and her husband, Dr Greg Garrett, attended classes with their own dogs whenever they were off duty.

The school has a fabulous website (www.croft.co.za) run by Linda van Zyl of SanSites and each week Elaine Swanepoel puts new photographs on it.  Many of her photos are spectacular and members cannot wait for them to be loaded onto the site.

We are extremely grateful to Vorentoe Laerskool for allowing us to hold our Advance Obedience Class on their rugby field.  This gives us a safe environment and a flat area to work the dogs.

Puppy and adults dog home obedience and competition obedience classes are held every Saturday, dog agility classes during the week and a social dog walk each Friday evening in George.

The school holds Obedience, Agility and Good Canine Companion competitions each year which are open to anyone who has dogs attending any training facility.

Ten years old is quite a milestone for a dog club –



Three of the dogs who attended the first ever training session held by Croft Canine Classes in 2007 are still with us today.  They are 12 year old Daffy, 11 year old Coal and 12,5 years old Diego.