Agility training

Hello Everyone
Well, we had our day of introduction to agility last Sunday.  I think we all had great fun.  And a little frustration here and there too 😀  One expects dogs to just go over and under and through things without any hesitation.  We need to remember at all times, even the simplest exercises can be frightening for animals when they are learning.  It is important to keep their confidence levels high when we are teaching them agility.
Some of the dogs were fantastic and show a lot of potential.  Amazing how brave the puppies can be!  It’s a good time to start them with new experiences because they are more trusting than a lot of the adult dogs.  Although at a young age they wouldn’t be jumping, there is still a lot they can learn to do like the tunnel, weave poles, A frame and dog walk.
Agility is about precision and control so for those of you whose dogs just flat out ignored you, I would suggest you concentrate really hard on your obedience (in particular, the recall!!!) because without it, you won’t achieve doing more than one agility obstacle at a time.  This is going to get pretty boring for you and your dog.  
As with any sport, if the groundwork is not solid, there will be no improvement which leads to disappointment.
I’ve been asked when we are going to hold classes.  We won’t be able to make a regular day due to certain factors on my side.  We can hold it occassionally on a Sunday, virtually all public holidays and in summer we will be able to run a class in evenings too because of the extended daylight.  I will either sms you or email when we will be able to hold classes.
Right at the moment the agility ring is under water so we will have to wait till it’s dried out a bit.   And in the meantime the grass is growing at the rate of knots so if it doesn’t dry out soon so that I can mow the area, we may not even see the little dogs!
The cost of the classes will be R20,00 per dog and R15,00 per second and third dog per owner.  Minimum of 5 dogs per class.
At the end of the class, some dogs were just plain finished!!!

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